hilaire brosio steadicam archer2 rental

Archer2 Steadicam

The Archer 2 is designed for precise handling, first and foremost. Its narrow 3.2” sled width with yoke mounted monitor and precision adjustable battery assure optimum operational freedom. The sleek lightweight sled design allows it to be kept closer to the operator’s body and results in less fatigue and allows an operator more options, such as maneuvering through tighter spaces.

High Definition Compatible
Fold-Down Design
No-Tools Lift Adjustment
Open Access" Camera Mounting Stage
Narrow 3.2" Sled Width
Precision Adjustable Battery
G-50 arm supplied with Archer2S and Archer2SE which has a 29" boom range and 30lb max payload capacity
Daily Rental - $400.00
Weekly Rental - $1,200.00
sony ex1 rental camera

Sony EX1 Package – Sony EX1 Camera, UV filter, 2 long life batteries w/charger, 2 16gb SXS Cards, A/V cable, USB cable, component video cable, lens hood, IR remote.
Daily Rental - $250.00 Weekly Rental - $750.00


Gates EX1 Underwater Housing - Comprehensively endowed with pro features,sony ex1 gates underwater housing rental the Gates EX1 Housing is engineered for the discriminating professional. Adjustable handles provide perfect grip and fingertip access to over 20 different functions. Flexible trim weights allow for ideal buoyancy and trim. Precision ports and optional EM43 Hi resolution monitor afford the sharpest HD images. And the EX1 is classic Gates heritage: durable 'bulletproof' machined aluminum and 100% reliable mechanical controls. Comes with standard glass port and Storm Case
Daily Rental - $300.00
Weekly Rental - $900.00

gates port underwater rental

Gates Precision Super Wide SWP44C port– Hi Resolution, distortion-free120 degrees with full zoom capability. Comes in a Storm Case.
Daily Rental - $350.00
Weekly Rental - $1,050.00

gates hi res monitor rental

GatesExternal Color Monitor – 4.3"/109mm Hi
Resolution monitor to make HD framing easy. Powered by 8 AA battery cells.
Daily Rental - $100.00
Weekly Rental - $300.00



Light And Motion Sunray 2000 Underwater Lights - The Sunray 2000 is thesunray lights rental first high-powered, battery operated light on the market to offer 2000 lumens of light from each light head. Multiple power levels yield 2000 lumens on High, when maximum light is required, 1000 lumens on Medium, and 500 lumens on Low. Optimize light output for maximum illumination or for shooting macro subjects. LED's also provide instant on/off control. No warm-up or rest period as there is with HIDs. Comes with 2 sets of batteries w/charger in a Storm Case.
Daily Rental - $200.00
Weekly Rental - $600.00

underwater pa hydrophone rentalLubell 3400 Underwater P.A. System

The Lubell Labs 3400 is a high power underwater sound system designed to reproduce voice, music, and broadband audio in the pool, lake, or ocean.  The unit has a 500 meter range and a 60 watt mixer/amplifier.  The 3400 is used by the Army, NAVY, USMC, NASA, LAPD, PADI and on movie sets.
Daily Rental - $150.00
Weekly Rental - $450.00
sony z1u rental

Sony Z1U Package – Sony Z1U Camera, UV filter, 3 long life batteries w/charger, A/V cable, component video cable, lens hood, IR remote
Daily Rental - $175.00
Weekly Rental - $525.00

canon 5d rentalCanon 5D Mark II Package - Canon 5DMKII body, 2 Batteries w/ charger, UV filter, 2 32gb Compact Flash Cards, Card Reader, HDMI to mini HDMI cable, USB cable, A/V cable and port cap.
Daily Rental - $185.00
Weekly Rental - $550.00

hilaire brosio sea sea mdx-5d mkII housing underwater rentalThe Sea & Sea MDX-5D MKII housing is designed for professional underwater photographers. The housing is machined from a solid block of aluminum and is designed for ultimate precision, ergonomics and performance. It is durable and stands up to tough use. The MDX-5D MKII allows for full use of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II functions underwater. The snug design keeps the housing compact and lightweight, enabling greater maneuverability and ease of use.
The controls are easily accessed and are responsive. The housing has many features that will nurture your creativity. The pickup viewfinder magnifies your view by 0.5x for clear corner-to-corner framing. There is one Nikonos two-pin and one six-pin connector. You can use the optional TTL converter for TTL flash control with the 6-pin connector. A wide angle port that accommodates a 16-35mm lens is included.
Daily Rental - $250.00
Weekly Rental - $750.00

modulus 3000 hilaire brosio wireless video rentalModulus 3000 Video Transmitter
Modulus 3000 system is intended to transmit the video signals resulting from 4 A, B, C, D sources, each one supplied with a Modulus 3000 transmitter, to Hermes receivers connected to video monitors for the director, the sound department, the producer, in short for every person having to control the various pictures (multi camera, video tape recorders, etc). Each transmitter radiates 750 milliwatts in UHF and is powered by an external wide range supply (from 9 to 36 volts). 56 frequencies, 56 frequencies, from 471 to 805 MHz (or UHF Channels 14-69), are easily selectable, thus avoiding interferences between Modulus themselves and with radio mikes. The portable Hermes video receivers make it possible to toggle the four A, B, C, or D sources whose frequencies are easily tuned, to the video monitor. The receivers are powered by an external 8 to 28 V supply or by 8 internal AA batteries and they provide a 1 V composite video signal.
Daily Rental – $150.00
Weekly Rental - $450.00

hilaire brosio rental mod-quad wireless video rentalMod-Quad Diversity Receiver

From the makers of the Modulus: the Mod-Quad is a compact 12 Volt, 4 antennae
video receivers with a system of antennae selection. It has superb stability with moving cameras, multiple sets and near impossible locations. All operations run by remote control.  5 shark fin antennae & C-stand mount included.
Daily Rental – $100.00
Weekly Rental - $300.00

Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3x – Fits the Canon 5D Mark II and magnifies the imagezacuto z-finder rental 3x. Lightproof eyecup, Anti-fog coating, Gorilla plate & mounting frame.
Daily Rental – $20.00
Weekly Rental - $60.00


canon EF40-200 rental

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 ISII USM Lens – Canon L Series lens,hood and case
Daily Rental - $60.00
Weekly Rental - $180.00

Please feel free to contact me to discuss package pricing.